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Dirty Texting – How to Text Dirty!

There’s more than 1 way to Talk Dirty. If you’re not shy and want to get your man HOT and excited about you…Talking dirty to him will do it. Check out these Examples of Dirty Talking.

But…What if your somewhat shy and don’t have the courage to talk dirty in person. Well thanks to the modern world of cell phones…You can use these personal devices for dirty texting!

Would you like to know how to talk dirty to your guy with texts and get him to go crazy and lust after you and only alone? Whether you’re married or want to text dirty to your boyfriend or the guy you want to get in bed, texting hot and risqué messages can quickly make any man’s legs wobble and get them all hot and bothered in minutes. Let’s look at how to talk dirty to your guy and master dirty texting tonight.

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The very first thing you should consider is what turns on your guy? Whether it is the things that he loves that you do to him or what he really loves doing for you.

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Your dirty texting should be as descriptive as you can make it and get the hang of putting erotic and naughty pictures in his mind. Having your guy visualize what you might be doing to him the next time he sees you can leave him hungering for more and more. Self-assurance is the key, do not struggle with what you would like to say, make your dirty texts straight to the point. Dominating this process and discovering how to talk dirty to your guy with text can leave you with a dangerous weapon in your hands.

>>>> Dirty Texting ExamplesTalking Dirty Lover.

“You’re at the food market, text him I can’t wait to put this yummy whipping cream all over your XXXX and then lick every drop off your XXXX

“Hey good looking, this big banana reminds me of your pulsing XXXX can’t wait to feel you tonight”

“Hi sexy, I’m thinking about you touching my XXXX with your XXXX and making me scream”

>>>> Another Secret to Dirty Texting is…Knowing when to push his buttons!

You are able to take both an assertive or submissive approach with your dirty texts on Becoming His Sexual Fantasy, both work wonders. Telling your guy you’re his naughty sex slave this evening will really make his head spin fast. On the more assertive side you’ll be able to tell him precisely what you want him to do to you and don’t take no for an answer. This will stoke his ego and make him feel like a hot blooded stud.

It’s essential that you’re very descriptive as you can be and leave him desiring more. One dirty text message can be adequate to get your man hard fast and have him counting down the hours until he sees you once again.

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Learning exactly what to say when talking dirty or texting dirty to your man will make him powerless to resist you. Power up your sex life now with overpowering dirty talk that will make your man desire you more than you believed was possible and stop him from straying!

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Or just be able to seduce ANY guy at the blink of an eye…Learning how to talk dirty to men is the sure-fire way to do it!

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Dirty Dialogue