Dirty Dialogue

Text Dirty Messages – 5 Hot And Steamy Text Messages to Send Your Man.

Men just love to receive hot and sexy Dirty Text Messages from their special girl. Just imagine the power you’ll have to get your guy aroused at the beeping of his phone knowing a hot and sexy message is waiting for him only. Try out these 5 hot text message ideas to get him desiring you all day long and nicely loosened up by the time he walk in the door.

>>>> Just so you know…Your body drives me crazy.

>>>> Hi stud. IM hot and ready for you. Waiting for your wet kisses tonight.

>>>> Your ass is perfect in those tight jeans. Bring it over tonight

>>>> I’m home all alone. Rubbing lotion inside my thighs. Thinking about you.

>>>> Hi hottie. I want you right now.

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Do you see how these dirty text messages were short and very hot and sexy? They brought realistic sexual pictures of you in his mind that will remain in his mind all day! Spicy and intimate texts are simply made up of words that will produce vivid sexual images in his mind about all the things you’re going to do to him or that he likes to do to you that will get him sexually aroused.

The easiest way to make these hot and steamy images in his mind is to know your man. Think about the most seductive things you can conceive of about your man that turns you on more than anything else. Make a image of his body in your mind, the size or physique of his body parts that get your engine humming, Or image how he looks at you…his deep penetrating eyes or the manner he bites his lip…when he ‘s really got the hots for you.

Now make a vivid picture of it and then put it on paper and turn these pictures into a bunch of red-hot and flirtatious text messages that you can sent to your man over time. Remember, less is more, so use your hot and sexy texts as teasing not the main meal. You don’t want to become boring!

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Dirty Dialogue